Cricket Wireless Corporate Headquarters

Project Type



Atlanta, GA,


112,000 SF



Cricket Wireless


Creating a Corporate Headquarters for Cricket Wireless was an amazing opportunity to work with a new executive team, who communicated a vision for an environment that not only reflects but actively promotes the image and brands of Cricket Wireless. Enhanced collaboration and dialogue between team members meant designing an open plan concept with low panel workstations in juxtaposition with breakout collaborative spaces accessible for 2 to 8 people. Interaction with technology in these team areas was very important to facilitate and enhance the company’s objective of global collaboration  Working closely with the branding team and client representatives a new concept of the work environment was introduced for this space. Called Workplace 2020, it is a forward looking strategy where focus will be centered on the work experience providing high performance, agile and connected environments that enable productivity anywhere. The program was developed in light of emerging trends including advances in technology, changing demographic profile of the workforce, increased mobility and globalization. Warner Summers enhanced architectural elements using logos, colors, characters and lifestyle fundamental. In concurrence with overall project mandates, Workplace 2020 and its platform of support are inclusive to all employees at Cricket Wireless. Whether in dedicated space, shared space, working on the road or from home, Cricket Wireless’ environment has achieved and surpassed its goal to provide productive options for everyone.