What is the Creative Office of the Future? – SPUR & 100 Peachtree Spec Suites

Creative Office of the Future

Zeller Realty Group came to us with a unique and exciting challenge: What would a marketing firm of the future look like?  This inquiry got our wheels turning. We interviewed a number of area marketing and small tech firms to see what types of spaces spike their team’s creativity. Most prevalent needs included a “showroom” space with A/V capability, public team workstations, private offices, and private working areas. “We wanted to include introvert and extravert spaces since our data collection showed that creatives need to be able to both bounce ideas off of others, but also focus and do their own heads-down work at times too,” says Kelly Darby, the Marketing and Business Development lead for Warner Summers.

The form of the space drew inspiration from the unusual shift in the street system where 100 Peachtree resides. Known as the Fairlie-Poplar District, the collision of street grid patterns creates many “leftover” triangular shaped pieces where parks and interestingly-shaped buildings reside. The Warner Summers design team placed the main showroom space in our suite in a 45-degree angle from the door and column lines of the space. Some of the “leftover spaces” in the suite became the most interesting and signature pieces, such as the customized “Introvert’s Haven” banquette with whimsical vistas of the Skyview Ferris Wheel.

“This was a fantastic project,” says Dana McClure, AIA, Principal of Architecture at Warner Summers. Rob Meleski, Principal of Interiors sums it up,”Agreed! It’s a playful spin on how a creative firm is like a city and vice versa. The little detail elements in here are what make it!”

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